Fleur'd Pins creator, photographer Andrew Werner

For centuries, the boutonnière has been a symbol of success, wealth, power & sophistication. It celebrates status, refinement, & prestige. 
Continue the tradition your way with Fleur'd Pins. 

Handcrafted in New York City and available in burlap and leathers to exotic skins, our boutonnieres are perfect for every day to your special day. Inspired by the fashion-forward debonair, Fleur’d Pins are The Timeless Symbol for the Well-Dressed.

Founded in 2014 by NYC photographer Andrew Werner, Fleur’d Pins was created as he sought to remedy the age-old conundrum of how can men stand out in a sea of tuxedos when attending formal events.

‘I would photograph red carpets and black tie galas,’ he recalls, ‘and every men’s outfit was always the same - some variation of: black tuxedo, white shirt, black bowtie. 

Where was that something extra to showcase individuality?'

Attention to each detail, as evident in all of his work, he and his team began by handcrafting the iconic Fleurs he’d wear for his own pleasure.  Many industry tastemakers quickly took note and soon began to commission Werner for their own Fleurs. Without realizing it his small passion project was slowly becoming a reality.






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As a gentle reminder, please check the sizing and scale of our Fleurs prior to purchasing as they are

all made to order and FINAL SALE.